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Facility Use Policy

Caltech Events schedules, maintains, and operates Beckman and Ramo Auditoriums for the Caltech community. The auditoriums serve as the primary public presentation facilities on campus, and can accommodate a variety of event types (lectures, films, performances, conferences, meetings, workshops). Please note: The auditoriums are not available for weddings, parties, social events, or public rental.

Reservation Policies

  • Reservation priority is given to events (and associated rehearsal dates) programmed by the Institute Programs Committee, the Caltech Y, and Student Affairs. These entities may reserve dates as far in advance as necessary.
  • Reservation access for single-use Caltech/JPL events organized by a Caltech/JPL division or department will be open on the first Monday of April in the year preceding the fiscal year in which the event will occur.

Please note: Events involving external clients require a Caltech/JPL sponsor (division or department administration). The Caltech/JPL sponsor assumes responsibility for content of the event, and will be billed for all event-related expenses by Caltech Events. Caltech policy requires that event sponsors execute an event contract with the sponsored client. Event insurance is required.

Non-Caltech/JPL fundraising activities are not permitted.

Use Rates: Effective October 1, 2018

Ramo Auditorium:

  • $950/day
  • $2500/day for sponsored external clients

Beckman Auditorium:

  • $1900/day
  • $3500/day for sponsored external clients

Beckman Mall:

  • Free to on campus users
  • $5000/day for sponsored external clients

Use rates include use of auditorium sound, lighting, and projection systems. Additional charges which vary on an individual event basis include technical staff, front-of-house staff, and custodial services. Overtime rates apply. Additional equipment rental may also be applicable depending on event needs.

Rehearsal dates can be arranged based on auditorium availability. Additional labor costs may apply on an individual event basis. Sponsored events will be charged a daily use rate for each day of rehearsal scheduled.

Please note: Partial day rates are not available.

Please fill out this form Auditorium Reservation Inquiry and Nate Stuffel for will get back to you.